Parenting Through the Phases

Helping parents be more intentional with the time they have

As parents, we know our kids are always changing. From newborn to twelfth grade, there is always something new in their development, or some new challenge they are facing, or some new obstacle they are overcoming. So how do we make the most of each developmental phase in a kid’s life? How do we parent in a way that helps our kids feel known and supported? How can we anticipate some of the challenges they will face?

Parenting Through the Phases will help you make the most of the phase your child or teen is in right now. It’s never too late, even if you’re parenting a twelfth grader.

This short-term group meets twice each year for 13 weeks. You can sign up for the next Parenting Through the Phases group in February or August on our Coming Up at Relevant page.


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