If you are interested in making Relevant your church and fully engaging in our mission of transformation, joining our Volunteer Staff is your next step.

What is Volunteer Staff?

Webster's dictionary defines staff as "a group of persons charged with carrying out the work of an establishment or executing some undertaking." That is exactly what our Volunteer Staff do. Relevant’s Volunteer Staff are people who have committed to understand Relevant’s DNA and to own and drive everything we do as a church. They invest in the mission of Relevant with their time, passion, strength, and resources. They are the people that function as a true "body" by sharing common beliefs, mission, and commitments. They help create, embrace, and drive the DNA of Relevant. They commit to the mission and to one other "heart and soul" (1 Samuel 14:7). 

Relevant's Volunteer Staff understand that church is not a destination or a building, but a group of people. Our volunteer Staff don't "go to" Relevant; they ARE Relevant.

This animated video helps explain Volunteer Staff a little more:

Why Should I Join Volunteer Staff?

Easy answer: You should join Volunteer Staff to get the most out of Relevant. As Volunteer Staff, you'll gain a deeper understanding of God, of yourself, and of everything we do at Relevant. Therefore, your experience of things like attending Sunday gatherings, serving on a Team, living life with your T-Life Group, and engaging in our Community and Global Impact opportunities will be so much richer.

How Do I Join Volunteer Staff?

Everyone who comes on Volunteer Staff first goes through Staff Orientation. Staff Orientation is an 11-week group led by pastor Ronnie that will teach you more about God, your church, and yourself. Staff Orientation also helps people shift their mindset from being a church "consumer" (about what I want) to being an "investor" (about what is best for others) in Relevant's mission of transformation. At the end of Staff Orientation, you'll have a better understanding of where Relevant is going, why we do what we do, and how you can help us achieve our mission using your unique abilities. Staff Orientation sign-ups take place in January, May, and September on the Coming Up at Relevant page. 

NOTE: Staff Orientation is for EVERYONE, regardless of where you are on your spiritual journey. 

For more information, email Laura Malsam, our Staff Orientation Coordinator, at staffo@relevantcommunity.org.