One Church Impacting One People Group

Since the beginning, our Global Impact Ministry has been focused on one people group: the Karen people from Burma. Learn more by watching the video below.

What We're Doing Globally


Since 2014 we have been financially and prayerfully supporting Safe Haven, an orphanage for Karen refugee children on the Thai-Burma border. Through our Safe Haven Sponsorship Program, people at Relevant donate $20/month to provide food, milk, school uniforms, shoes, medical care, and education for a child. Furthermore, Relevant sends numerous teams to Safe Haven each year to interact with the children and the workers and to help with various projects. Learn more about the history of Safe Haven and what God has done through our partnership with them on our Safe Haven page.


In early 2017 Relevant made its first trip inside Burma to visit a village inside Karen State. The team met with top village leaders and the pastor of the church. They learned the history of the village and the impact the church has had on the community. The leaders shared the biggest needs for the village and the church. Our team is currently determining how Relevant can best partner with this village.

What We're Doing in Omaha


On the second Sunday of the month from April through October we accept new and slightly used clothing that will go to Karen refugee families at one of the Restoring Dignity projects or the Karen GO Project. You can drop off your clothing items on Sunday mornings near the "Second Sunday" sign in front of the building. Karen refugees are in need of adult clothing in sizes S-M-L, and children's clothing in any sizes.


Together, as the church, we want to make an impact in the local Karen community. We focus on areas of Omaha that have large Karen populations. So, at least once a year, we get our hands dirty by serving in these communities. We help with landscaping, apartment clean up, building projects, crafts with kids, clothing drive and end the day by sharing a meal together. We are breaking down barriers and building credibility with the Karen one project at a time! Check the Coming Up at Relevant page to see if there's a Karen GO! Project coming up.


We partner with an organization in Omaha called "Restoring Dignity" to help clean, repair, and improve the living conditions for individual Karen families. Restoring Dignity Projects happen periodically throughout the year. Usually, these projects are done by T-Life Groups who serve together.


The focus of the Family Care Team is to develop relationships with the Karen families and help meet whatever needs they have: understanding the mail they receive, learning to drive, shopping at the grocery store, helping their kids succeed in school, finding their way around the city, and more. Through volunteers on our Family Care Team, we are able to assist the families in learning English, developing skills to better acclimate to living in our country, as well as showing them all of the things our city has to offer.


We also partner with other people that care about making a difference with the Karen people both in Omaha and in Burma. We know the best way to help transform Karen people for Jesus is through Karen people. So we have developed the following strategic partnerships:

  • KCRC - Karen Christian Revival Church in Omaha
  • KDHW - Karen Department of Health and Welfare
  • KNU - Karen National Union
  • Lutheran Family Services of Omaha

Get Involved

If you'd like more information about serving with our Global Impact ministry, or have questions, email Cory Nelson at