We all need help sometimes. This page features resources that have earned the trust of Relevant leaders. Various people from Relevant have found success with each one of these counseling and support ministries. 

Professional Counseling

Renee L Johnson
Relevant frequently refers people to Renee Johnson, a local professional counselor. Renee is a leader at Relevant, and endorsed by Relevant's leadership. Renee doesn't necessarily counsel everyone referred to her by Relevant, but will always help them find the best counselor for their situation.

Marriage Counseling & Support

Dr. Keith & Kathy Davis
The Center For Christian Counseling & Spiritual Resource
(719) 434-1472
Located in Colorado Springs, CO, Dr. Keith and Kathy Davis do 4-5 day one-on-one marriage intensive counseling with couples. Whether your marriage needs intensive intervention or you simply need a "tune-up", you will find these days of refreshing and renewal to be one of the most productive seasons you have ever spent together.

Relevant Navigators
If you're marriage is in crisis, meeting with our Navigators is a great first step. Our "lay counselors" (not professionals) are couples that are trained to help you determine next steps for your marriage. If you are interested in connecting with a Navigator couple, fill out our Navigators request form.

Relevant's Pre-Marital Counseling
At Relevant, our pre-marital counseling happens through our Nearlywed/Newlywed Group. This group exists to point engaged and newly married couples in a healthy direction, and help them take positive first steps in their marriage. You'll meet with seasoned couples who will guide you through the highs and lows of marriage with real-life examples, current information, and wisdom from the Bible. Some of the main topics that will be covered are Why Marriage, Love & Understanding, Communication, Conflict & Forgiveness, Money, and Intimacy. You can sign up for the next Nearlywed/Newlywed Group in January or September on our Coming Up at Relevant page. Although we don't require you to do premarital counseling, we strongly recommend and encourage it. If you have requested a Relevant Pastor to marry you, he will decide if he would like you to do any additional counseling.

Mental Health Support

Fresh Hope
(402) 932-3089
Fresh Hope groups are Christian support groups for those who have a mental health diagnosis along with their loved ones. The goal is to empower people who have a diagnosis along with their loved ones to live a full and rich life.

Christian Support Groups & Resources

Fresh Start
Fresh Start is an Omaha-based ministry that offers support groups, larger gatherings, one-on-one meetings, seminars, conferences, and resources to help people become free from loss, hurts, offenses, addictions, and sin. Relevant also offers a Fresh Start Short-Term Group.

Support for Pornography & Sexual Addiction

Pastor Jimmy George
Sexual temptation is so prevalent in our world today. It's no wonder why so many people struggle with pornography and sexual addiction. We have people at Relevant who have been there and want to help.


Contact our Connecting Pastor, Jimmy George, at jimmy@relevantcommunity.org.