We know that life is busy. But we also know that deep down, you want to be part of something. You want to make a difference. You want to realize your potential. That's what our Teams are all about. We want to help you find a niche where you can do what you do best, build comradery with others, and make a difference in people's lives. No matter where you are in life, there's a serving opportunity for you at Relevant!


Team Link is a 60-minute event where you can learn about serving at Relevant, talk to leaders and get more information about specific teams, and engage in serving on a team. Team Link typically happens on the 3rd Sunday of April, August, and December at 3:00pm (check the Coming Up page to confirm the date of the next Team Link). By attending Team Link, you're not committing to anything. You're simply taking the next step. If you don't find a good fit for you, no problem. There's no pressure. But we're pretty confident you'll find something that fits your passions, skills, and capacity. Register by clicking the button below. If you have questions, email serve@relevantcommunity.org

Teams to Serve On

At Team Link, you will have the opportunity to talk to leaders about the following Teams. It's helpful to familiarize yourself with what serving opportunities exist before attending Team Link.


Administration & Finance Teams 
Teams that use their gifts of administration to drive Relevant’s mission. Includes Accounting, HR, Legal, Generosity, Weekday Office Volunteers and Church Statistics teams.  

Baptism & New Believers Teams 
Teams that help empower people to grow in their relationship with Jesus by managing systems for baptism and providing new believers with resources. 

Care & Support Teams
Teams that facilitate care and support for the people of Relevant. These teams include funeral care, visitations, and meal delivery. 

Children’s Ministry Teams: Sprouts – Nursery-Pre-K
Teams that invest in the lives of birth through pre-k children to help lay a foundation for little ones to know Jesus. Includes areas such as nursery, teaching, music, and small group leaders. *Background check required 

Children’s Ministry Teams: Relevant Kids – K-5th Grade
Teams that invest in the lives of K-5th grade children to help them begin a relationship with Jesus and take steps toward living a transformed life. Includes areas such as check-in, sound and production, story telling, games and small group leaders. *Background check required 

Communications & Media Teams  
Teams that use creative media—writing, visual arts, technology, marketing— to reach people, engage the Relevant body, and impact our community and world. Includes External Marketing, Internal Marketing, Website, Photography, Social Media, Storytelling, and Apparel Store teams. 

Community Impact Teams
Teams that help plan and facilitate our Impact opportunities in the Elkhorn Community in order to transform our city! They include Elkhorn Days, Flix at the Chef movie nights and Tree Lighting Party. 

Facilities Teams
Teams that make it possible for Relevant to use our facility to reach people, engage the Relevant body and impact our community and the world. Includes Setup and Teardown, Cleaning, Maintenance, Landscaping, and Events teams. 

Global Impact Teams
Teams that help plan and facilitate our Global Impact opportunities that help bring long-term transformation to the Karen people from Burma. These opportunities include the 2nd Sunday Clothing Drive, Restoring Dignity projects, the annual Karen GO Project, and helping plan overseas trips to Thailand and Burma. 

Guest Assimilation Teams
Teams that help move first-time Guests to fully-engaged Volunteer Staff by connecting people in relationships and responsibility. Includes Next Steps Team, Guest Follow-up, and Assimilation Statistics teams. 

Guest Services Teams 
Teams that create an inviting and hospitable environment at Relevant gatherings and events by making guests feel expected, welcomed, and respected and doing everything with them in mind. Includes Parking, Greeter, Bulletin Distributor, Refreshment, Hospitality Host, and Usher. 

Marriage Support Teams
Teams that help marriages go from surviving to thriving by leveraging group environments, mentoring, crisis care and other resources. Includes Marriage Navigators, marriage mentors, Married T-Life Groups Leaders, and counseling referrals. 

Music Teams
Teams that use music to lead people into encountering and glorifying God. Includes the Worship Team and Songwriting Team. 

Photography Team
This team exists to capture the life of Relevant on film. We use the photos to powerfully tell the story of what God is doing in and through our church. 

Prayer Team
This team is made up of people dedicated to the ministry of prayer and spiritual warfare at Relevant. Responsibilities include praying weekly for leaders, covering every part of Relevant in prayer, and praying for individuals at Sunday gatherings and First Thursday

Production & Tech Teams
Teams that exist to help create environments that lead people into worshipping God. Includes areas such as multimedia presentation (computers, projectors), lighting design, video broadcast and sound engineering.  

Security Team
This team exists to maintain a safe and distraction-free environment at Relevant gatherings and events. *Background check required

Short-Term Group Teams
These teams lead and facilitate Relevant’s short-term groups.  Groups include Financial Peace University, Fresh Start, Nearlyweds & Newlyweds, Parenting Through The Phases, Smart Step Family, Starting Point, and The Bible: What Is It and How Do I Use It? Roles include group discussion leaders.

Student Ministry Teams: Rooted (grades 6-8) 
Teams that invest in the lives of our middle school students to help them navigate questions and situations that come up in middle school and help them form a faith of their own. Includes areas such as check-in, communication, concessions, interactions, worship, prayer, set up/tear down, and small group leaders. *Background check required 

Student Ministry Teams: Youth United (grades 9-12)
Teams that invest in the lives of our high school students to help them live a transformed life. Includes areas such as check-in, sound and production and small group leaders. *Background check required  

T-Life Groups Teams
Teams that direct and facilitate Relevant’s T-Life Groups, helping ensure that every person has the opportunity to be in a healthy and successful T-Life Group. Includes T-Life Group Leader (for Men’s, Women’s, Married, General, and College/Early 20’s), T-Life Group Administration, T-Life Group Coaches and Group Link teams. 

Volunteer Staff Teams
Teams that help equip people to take on the leadership responsibility of driving Relevant’s mission forward. Includes Staff Orientation Group Leader and Production Team. 


Email our Serving Engagement team at serve@relevantcommunity.org.