How would you describe integrity? Many would describe it as being flawless; however, you will never be flawless, so does that mean you can never be a person of integrity? Instead of being flawless, what if being a person of integrity meant being false-less?  

A person of integrity is not without flaws, they just aren't false. When you watch a person of integrity, you know exactly what is inside of them. A perfect example of integrity is a banana. Erwin McManus writes...

"Have you ever gone to the store to buy bananas? If you have, what you really did was buy banana peels. You never actually saw the meat of the banana; you just knew it was there. All you ever saw was the peel. Yet every time you skinned one, there was a banana inside. Is your response each time surprise? Is there a process of anticipation and delight as you choose a banana and slowly open it to see what you might find? No, you just take it for granted. You know exactly what's going to be there."

Jesus wants to transform us to be the same person all the way through; a person who looks more like Him all the way through...inside and out. So, here are some questions each of us must ask to join God in the transforming work he wants to do in our lives: If someone cut you open or peeled off the outer layer, what would they find? Would they be shocked? How is the inside different than the outside?

Pastor Ronnie