Grab a few "Something Unexpected" cards at one of Relevant's Sunday gatherings, pair each one with a gift, encouraging note, or random act of kindness, and bless others with the love of Jesus! Read more about why we believe these cards have power.


Below are some ideas about how to use the cards to get you started. We encourage you to go way beyond expectations! Go big! After you've read the ideas below, see what others have done.

  • Leave an extra big tip and a card for your server at a restaurant.

  • Put an envelope with money and a card on the windshield of a beat-up car.

  • Give a certificate good for free babysitting and a card.

  • Attach a candy bar or a Scooter's gift card to the card and leave it on a co-worker's desk.

  • Shovel snow off someone's driveway early in the morning and leave a note and a card on their front door.

  • Pay for the order of the person behind you in the drive-thru and have the cashier hand a card to them when they pull forward.

  • Bake some Christmas goodies for someone and attach a card.

  • Do an act of service for someone, and leave the card.

  • Leave some flowers with a card.

  • Pay for someone's dinner at a restaurant and have the waitress give them a card instead of their bill.

  • Come up with something original!

Share What You're Doing

We want to know how you are using your Something Unexpected cards to show others God's love. Take a photo and write a few words about what you're doing, then either post it on your favorite social network with the tag #SomethingUnexpectedCards, or email your photo and description to us at We'll share your story on social media.