February Safe Haven Update

Relevant -- Thank you for continuing to invest in, pray for, and support Safe Haven Orphanage on the Thai/Burma border! Check out this month’s updates from Safe Haven and prayer requests!  


Safe Haven was recently given 4 white buffalo (3 females, 1 male)! The buffalo will be used to eat the weeds and fertilize the soil at the orphanage. In addition, they’ll be able to sell any calves that are born. As you can see, the kids are quite enjoying their new “pets” :) !

Reaping a Harvest

After the hard work of planting, Safe Haven has been yielding a harvest of fruits and vegetables!

Dental Checkups

Every year, a team of dentists provides dental cleanings for the kids and staff at Safe Haven. Check out Pon’s bright smile after his dental cleaning. (Pon is Tasanee’s son and part of the staff at Safe Haven.)


Tasanee enjoys going to this mountain to see the setting and rising of the sun, depending on the time of year. This year she took her mother and some of the children. The beautiful handiwork of our Creator God!

Administrative Duties

In the midst of caring for all the children at Safe Haven, it’s easy to forget all of the administrative duties and records Tasanee has to keep up with as Safe Haven’s Director. Pictured below is Tasanee working hard in her office.

Prayer Requests

Pray for…

  • The children at Safe Haven, for their health, safety, protection, growth, futures, and that each child will put their faith in Jesus and grow in relationship with Him.
  • Tasanee and God’s protection over her and provision for her each day as she cares for all of the kids and carries the leadership responsibilities of directing the orphanage.
  • The Relevant team of Debi Jaeke, Laura Malsam, Natalie Meeske, Kristin Nelson, and Kelly Samson who will be traveling to Safe Haven from March 9-18 to teach English and share Jesus’ love with the children and staff at Safe Haven. Pray for (1) the children and staff at Safe Haven to feel loved, encouraged, and uplifted through our time together, (2) the children’s learning to open up future educational and career opportunities, (3) courage, wisdom, direction, and discernment as our team explores future opportunities for Relevant to walk alongside and continue to partner with Safe Haven, and (4) God’s will be done in and through us.

Philemon 6 “I pray that your partnership with us in the faith may be effective in deepening your understanding of every good thing we share for the sake of Christ.”