3 Easy Ways to Invite Someone to a Sunday Gathering

NOTE: This article was originally written for inviting someone to our Easter gatherings, but the principles can be applied on any Sunday.

Too often we make “inviting someone to church” WAY more intimidating than it needs to be. Numerous research studies show that people are much more likely to show up on a Sunday morning than we think. The key ingredient that these studies find is that people will show up if invited by someone they know. So let’s explore easy ways to extend an invitation to someone in our life who doesn’t normally “go to church”.

Start With Prayer – Before you make any kind of invitation, invite God into this process. Pray for Him to reveal to you who you should invite, to open up that person’s heart to your invitation, and to create the right opportunity to extend the invitation. Then make the invite!

Make the Invite! – Whether you’re an extrovert or an introvert, here are 3 really simple ways to invite someone:

1) In-Person with an invite card

Simply hand somebody you know one of our Easter invite cards and say something like, “Hey, my church puts on these awesome Easter services. It’s different than what most people expect when they think of church. I think you’d really enjoy it. Let me know if you’re interested and I can meet you there (or ‘I can save you a seat' or ‘I can pick you up').”

2) Through a text or email

For those who don’t feel comfortable with an in-person invitation, send someone a text or an email one of the following links in it.

EasterInElkhorn.com – Main Easter page with info and videos https://vimeo.com/157773198– a video preview of a typical Sunday at Relevant https://vimeo.com/209817558/bc202a2d4b – a invitation video from Pastor Ronnie

And maybe say something like this...

3) Through Social Media

This one is the easiest. Just share one of Relevant’s social media posts about Easter with a specific person (either to their page or in a private message, see screenshots below) and say something like, “Hey, just wondering if you might be interested in coming to this with me. I can meet you there (or ‘I can save you a seat' or ‘I can pick you up’). Let me know!” You can also just tag the person’s name in the comments section of one of Relevant’s posts and include a quick invite.