All Are Committed

One of our greatest desires as Relevant Community Church is to be a difference-making church. There are some key differences between people who “go” to church (“churchy people”) and people who are the church (“difference makers”). If we really want to be difference makers and be a difference-making church, we need to take a long, hard look at our lives and consider whether we are living as churchy people or as difference makers.

Here are a few distinctions between churchy people and difference makers…

Churchy people say “I will serve if and when I have time”.
Difference Makers are fully COMMITTED with all their hearts.

Churchy people see serving as community service.
Difference Makers see it as a calling from God.

Churchy people show up most of the time they said they would.
Difference Makers are there every time they say they will be.

Churchy people serve because they feel they should.
Difference Makers serve because they get to.

Churchy people see things as someone else’s responsibility.
Difference Makers see things as their responsibility.

Churchy people look at rehearsal, practice, and meetings as an obligation to fulfill.
Difference Makers look at them as opportunities to be used by God.

Churchy people do no outside practicing or preparation.
Difference Makers come ready and prepared when they show up.

Churchy people quit at the first sign of adversity or discouragement.
Difference Makers dig in and persevere.

Churchy people can’t handle being put in situations in which they’re going to be stretched.
Difference Makers are willing to be in situations where they are dependent on God to come through.

Churchy people do the bare minimum.
Difference Makers give their best.

Churchy people are the last in and first out.
Difference Makers are the first in and last out.

Churchy people are focused on themselves and how the pastor is going to KEEP THEM happy.
Difference Makers are focused on others and how we are going to REACH more people together.

Churchy people whine about what it’s going to cost them to serve.
Difference Makers are committed at all costs.

Churchy people are half-committed because they are only focused on the task at hand.
Difference Makers are fully committed because they know everything they do is helping achieve the mission.

Churchy people make church suck.
Difference Makers make church AWESOME!

What if we ALL went from half-hearted churchy people to a people committed to being part of a difference-making church?

I believe we would see God do God-sized stuff that we have never before seen Him do in and through us…and I believe our lives, our church, and our world be transformed in ways can only currently imagine!

Let’s be a church that is fully committed to going ALL-IN!