What Impact Can Summer Blast make?

This letter was sent to us during our inaugural year for Vacation Bible School (which we now call Summer Blast). Such a powerful story of how God transforms lives during this week for our children.

Relevant VBS Volunteers,

          I just had to write and tell you all thank you. I know this past week at VBS has meant many very late and stressful nights, busy days, time off work, time away from your children, and busy, hot, chaotic days with 100 young children! I’m sure most of the week seemed like it was filled with the logistics of organizing, controlling the kids, and getting snacks and crafts ready.  You may not ever know the eternal impact your time singing, chasing, crafting, and being silly with these kids has had.

          I can tell you that for my little girl, this week was absolutely life-transforming. Nola has never opened up and talked to me about her days anywhere – daycare, preschool, first grade, none of it. Every night she wanted to talk about what she learned at VBS. She wanted to dance to the music and talk about her friends. Every day, she talks about the Fruit of the Spirit and tries to apply them in her life. As a little girl who suffers from severe anxiety, she has never spent much of her time at home happy and joyful. I can’t even tell you the difference we have seen in her since she started learning about the Fruit of the Spirit – she is intentional about putting them to practice, she is so much happier, her anxiety has decreased and she is so much more at peace with all of us in her family and herself. This morning she was so proud to tell me that she could recite all of the Fruit from memory. ☺

          But the most amazing result was that Nola told us she asked Jesus to be the Forgiver of her sins and the Leader of her life. We are so, so excited and grateful and excited for her and thankful to all of you!

Love & blessings to you all,

Ginger Cowles


Nola (pictured on bottom right)