T.H.I.N.K. Before You Speak

Do your words fill others with joy or kill their joy?

The words we speak to others are a really big deal to Jesus and an issue of obedience. Our obedience to what Scripture teaches is make it or break it in our experience of Jesus…Joy Himself. Choosing to be joy-filling people to others probably affects our joy much more than how they treat or speak to us.

Speaking as a joy-filler is not easy, nor does it come naturally. One phrase that I believe will help us begin to obey the command of speaking blessing and being joy-fillers is a phrase many of us have heard, but most of us don’t do…THINK before you speak!

Joy fillers translate this to mean:

Is what I am about to say going to…

  1. be light or darkness?
  2. fill or kill their joy?
  3. be a blessing or a curse to their soul?”

In my message on Sunday, I gave an acronym for THINK to help make this phrase more practical and impactful. I believe that if we begin to use this to ask and filter what we’re about to say, this will help us take huge steps toward being joy-fillers instead of joy-killers.

T = Is it TRUE?

Only truth can shine the light of Jesus and infuse His joy. Lies are darkness and death to the soul.

Think, "is it true?” If what you are about to say isn’t true, then shut your mouth!

H = Is it HELPFUL to them?:

It may be true, but is it helpful?

Will it benefit them in any way? Do I want it to? How will it?

If it is not helpful or beneficial for them according to their needs, don’t say it - no matter how truthful it is!

I = Is it IMITATING Jesus?

Sometimes we have to say hard truths that are helpful, but not fun for others to hear. These words can still be joy-filling if we ask this question.

As followers of Christ, we’re called to imitate Jesus in every way with others, just as He first did with us.

Ask yourself: Is what I am about to say imitating how Jesus first loved me? Would He say this to them?

When we imitate Jesus, we are inviting His presence into the relationship and infusing His JOY into it, no matter how hard the words we need to say are.

N = Is it NECESSARY for them?

Many times, people say things to feel better about themselves. Is it necessary for them to hear those words?

Sometimes, we need to shut up because what we have to say isn’t necessary for them to hear. If what we say isn’t necessary, it can kill other’s joy.

At them same time, we need to consider what others need to hear. Some words we speak are necessary and others need to hear us speak those words, such as certain truths, encouragements, and comforts.

K = Is it KIND?:

The way we say whatever we say can be either joy-killing or joy-filling.

Words of blessing are always said with kindness. Ask yourself…am I saying this in a kind way? Kindness encompasses much more than just the words we speak, but HOW we communicate..is HOW I am communicating this kind?

My CHALLENGE to all of us is this…T.H.I.N.K. before you speak!

Pastor Ronnie