Why Elkhorn Days is Important

Elkhorn Days has been a tradition in Elkhorn for over 60 years. For 3 days every June, Elkhorn celebrates our growing community with many activities: Annual Art Show, Pancake Feed, Parade Down Main Street, Family Festival in the Park, Spectacular Fireworks Display, a talent show, and Car Show…to name a few. You can go to www.elkhorndays.com for more information.

Several years ago was the first time Relevant was part of Elkhorn Days. That year, we handed out free cold bottles of water during the “Family Festival in the Park” on Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately, we realized that there weren’t many families at all in the park that day for a number of reasons: there were more vendors selling items than fun activities for kids to do, and every activity was extremely expensive so families didn’t stick around. We believed this weekend should bring the community together, so we choose to do something about it.

Over the last few years, we've worked hard with the Elkhorn Days planning committee to recreate the “Family Fun Festival”. We told them we would bring in more fun activities for kids (and volunteers to work them) in addition to the current vendors, and created a way to make all the activities available at one low price by purchasing wristbands, instead of paying for everything individually. Last year, we made everything COMPLETELY FREE! Our efforts have paid off. The last several years were huge successes. There were more people at the Family Fun Festival than ever before, and the families in our community were able to have a fun day together without breaking the bank. I'm so proud of our church! View photos

We love Elkhorn. We believe God has placed Relevant in this community for a reason. That is why we want are part of this awesome weekend. We want to be a small blessing for the people in our community who attend Elkhorn Days. A few of us CAN'T pull this off. It takes ALL of us. We need ALL of Relevant to get behind this by committing to volunteer that day. Would you be willing to be one of those people? If you would like to be a part of this, please sign up as soon as possible on our Coming Up at Relevant page.

Creating a better community together,

Pastor Ronnie