The Hultgren Twins

Some of you may know the journey that Steve and Cassie Hultgren have been on over the last several months with the birth of their premature twin boys. The complete story is below.

Jameson and Harrison were both born 3 months early at 27 weeks. They weighed just 2lbs 3oz and 2lbs 4oz. They entered this world covered in prayer. Cassie was hospitalized when the boys were 23 weeks and she was able to remain on bedrest and carry the boys to 27 weeks. We spent our days in prayer that we would be able to carry the twins until they were viable.


We were fortunate they waited a few weeks to be born but unfortunately were very ill. Both boys were intubated immediately when they were born. Unfortunately they had to depend completely on a machine (ventilator) to breath until they were 31 weeks old. At that time they were weaned to C paps which just assisted with breathing and then eventually to oxygen alone. It was a very difficult process to see your children struggle to breath every second of their lives and to not be able to help them.


We were told at birth that both boys had small brain bleeds and that Jameson had what is called a PVL. This news devastated us. We found out that a PVL causes death of brain matter and Jameson may never be able to walk, talk or have independence. We at this point had to make a conscious decision to give to all to GOD or we were never going to make it. We reached out to our sharing life group and friends and family for prayer everyday.


The boys had good and bad days. We would leave the hospital praying that when we returned our boys would still be alive. Around 34 weeks the boys started to slowly improve. Although we kept trying to give it to God, we kept worrying. We lived off prayers and faith. At 38 weeks Jameson underwent a repeat brain scan to evaluate his PVL and we were blessed with a miracle!!!! The PVL was gone. It just disappeared!!! The doctors all kept saying this never happens.


That was how our entire hospital stay continued. The boys would have a difficult day and we would depend on the Lord and he would pull us through. He was our strength and our refuge and he brought our boys home! The boys will continue to have weakened immune systems and may have some delay from the brain bleeds but the the thing we have learned is that God has got this!! And there is no greater Physician.