The Dirty Truth
February 24 - March 02 • Week 3: Cluttered Heart

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Many of us desire to experience God more in our lives. We want to know Him, feel His loving presence, and witness His power working. In our current series, “The Dirty Truth,” we have learned that how you and I experience God depends on the condition of our hearts. Maybe you have identified with the hard heart or shallow heart and asked the Lord to work on you. Or maybe this week you will relate to the cluttered heart. Regardless what shape your heart is in, Jesus wants to transform you.  

Main Point: To experience more of God, He must become our single priority.

Discussion Questions

  1. After hearing about the hardened heart, shallow heart, and cluttered heart, which one do you most identify with and why?

  2. If you could rate how busy life is for you on a percentage scale (100% being the most busy you’ve ever been), what’s your percentage? How does this level of busyness affect your relationships, stress levels, and the condition of your heart? 

  3. Read Luke 9:23-25 and discuss what it means to lose your life for Jesus’ sake. 

  4. On Sunday Pastor John said, “Prioritizing God means bringing Him into all situations: your job, relationships, habits, finances, addictions, fears, and challenges- not just saving Him for Sundays, T-Life Group night, YU, or Rooted.” Discuss what it looks like to invite God into all situations. Pray together or in smaller groups of 2-3 for one another about where you want to experience more of God.  

  5. What worries, habits, or pursuits are choking out your relationship with God? Which ones need to be removed and which ones do you need to invite God into?

Next Step Challenge

So, you want to experience more of God by uncluttering your heart. You desire to make God your single priority and reorder the habits you’ve created. If this is you, begin asking God daily, “In this situation, what would YOU have me do?” When He speaks, listen to His voice and then do it. Turn off the distractions of noise, technology, or whatever you surround yourself with and practice sitting alone in silence, actively listening to God’s voice. The answer may not come immediately, but it will when you continually invite God into the thorns choking your heart. 

Key Verse 

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” –Matthew 6:33

All other Scripture References 

Mark 4:1-20, Jeremiah 32:39a, Luke 9:24-25

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