Relentless: The Book of Acts
July 29 - August 02 – Week 8: Working Together


As we continue in week 8 of our series through the book of Acts, we see clearly that God uses very ordinary people to serve together and do extraordinary things for Him. By being ordinary people who are full of faith, wisdom, and the Holy Spirit, we can see God to incredible things through us as a collective whole.  Through God’s plan, His Church is advanced when His people work together for His glory.  By listening to the Spirit and trusting His calling, God will take the ordinary actions and services of His people to transform individuals, communities, and the world.   

Main Point: 

God uses ordinary people to serve together and do extraordinary things for Him.

Discussion Questions

  1. If you were to identify a “super hero” in your own life, who would that be and why? 
  2. Share about a time when others served youin a time of need.  How did these ordinary people and their actions impact your understanding and experience of God?
  3. Read Acts 3:1-10 and Acts 4:1-13 together. As you read the stories, discuss the perceived passions and fuel that drive these ordinary men and women forward.
  4. On Sunday Andy made the statement, “God is using ordinary people at Relevant to do extraordinary things.” How have you seen this in action and how does this look in your own life.
  5. As a group, share about your current serving role within the Relevant body, and how have you seen God move through you? If you are not currently serving, what serving opportunities seem to interest you and why? 
  6. Bonus: Leaders, talk about Team Link coming up on August 19thand challenging those in their group to attend if not currently serving.  People can sign up online on the serving page. 

Next Step Challenge

Throughout the stories in Acts, we see ordinary people ignited by the Spirit to do incredible things to advance the Kingdom.  And we are ordinary people.  It is clear that God’s Kingdom is advanced when His people are committed to serving and sacrificing together.  And just as the early church was fully committed to their mission both collectively and individually, let’s fully commit to one another, and to locking arms to do incredible things to transform our world, and to taking that next step where it needs to be taken.  

Key Verse

“And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds.” – Hebrews 10:24

All other Scripture References

Acts 3:1-4:13, Acts 6:1-15, Acts 7:54-60