July 21-27 • Blessed Are Those Who Are Persecuted

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Throughout the past seven weeks, we have discussed how we don’t just overuse the word “blessed” but most of the time we misuse it. Unfortunately, our misuse has completely stripped the word “blessed” of its divine and true meaning. This week we discover that God blesses those who are committed to live for Jesus even during times of persecution. 

Main Point: God blesses those who are committed to live like Jesus and for Jesus…at all costs.

Discussion Questions

  1. Throughout this series, which #blessed beatitude has been the most meaningful to you and why?

  2. What does walking in the light look like versus walking in the darkness?

  3. Read Matthew 5:10-11. Discuss a time when you’ve personally experienced persecution or insults when you’ve chosen righteousness or perhaps you were the persecutor. What was the outcome of the situation?

  4. On Sunday, Pastor Ronnie shared four ways to keep our commitments to follow Jesus (4 Keeps): keep praising, praying, people, and pressing on. Which one was the most encouraging to you and why?

  5. What is preventing you from living like Jesus and for Jesus at all costs? Is what you’re afraid to lose more valuable than being blessed by God?

Taking A Next Step Together

Do you want to be blessed by God and experience the peace and power of God in and through you? No matter what you’ve done or how far away from God you’ve wandered, God wants to bless you with true life that can only come from Him. Share with your group how you will begin or continue applying what you’ve learned from Matthew 5 to your life today. 

Key Verse 

“Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” – Matthew 5:10

All other Scripture References 

Matthew 5:6a, Matthew 5:10-11, 14, John 15:18-20a

To watch or listen to Sunday’s sermon, visit our Sermons page.