Relentless: The Book of Acts
July 15 - 21 – Week 7: Following Through


As we continue in this seventh week of our Relentless Series through the book of Acts, we see the great power and transformation that takes place when followers of Christ are relentlessly committed to one another AND to following through on those commitments. Our commitment to one another is the catalyst for the movement of the Holy Spirit to bring unity, meet the needs of God’s people and demonstrate our love towards one another.

Main Point

The commitments we make matter to God and one another, and our follow through, or lack thereof, shows who and what we are truly committed to.

Discussion Questions

  1. Reflect on the first six weeks of this relentless series. Is there a conversation you’ve had or thought in your mind that stands out? Discuss with the group.

  2. As we consider being relentlessly committed to one another, how have seen this play out in your life or in the lives of others?

  3. Read through the section of Scripture in Acts 4:32-37 together. Consider and dream together what this can look like here in 2018 in your life situation but even more broadly as followers of Jesus. And what does this look like in your group?

  4. On Sunday Pastor Jimmy said “The commitments we make matter to God and one another and our follow thru or lack thereof shows who and what we are truly committed to.” What does this mean to you personally and discuss with your group.

  5. Think for a moment about the question. “Am I TRULY fully committed?” Share with the group, one next step that you feel God calling you to commit to and why.

Next Step Challenge

God has clearly designed His Kingdom to be shared with one another as a reflection of His love, compassion, and purpose for our individual lives. Our hope and aim is be fully committed to God’s Kingdom, one another, and our commitments matter in order to allow the Spirit to do his work among us. Begin asking the Holy Spirit to lead you in your commitments and for help to follow thru so that together we can be of one in heart and mind.

Key Verse

“All the believers were one in heart and mind.” – Acts 4:32a

All Other Scripture References

Acts 4:32-27, Acts 5:3-11