Relentless: The Book of Acts
July 08 - 14 – Week 6: Praying Boldly


As we continue in this sixth week of our "Relentless" series, we have seen how God works with relentless power when we are relentlessly devoted to Him. Relentless devotion means viewing prayer not as old regurgitation but as bold communication to the God of the universe and intimate Creator of each one of us. It means turning the focus from self-serving prayer towards Kingdom-oriented requests. It means praising God for all that He has done and trusting in all that He will do. To be relentlessly devoted in prayer to God is to live with a willing submission to His will.

Main Point

Prayer for many of us has become "old regurgitation" vs "bold communication."

Discussion Questions

  1. In your own words, share what believe prayer is and what it is not.
  2. Share how you have seen or experienced prayer that seemed to truly transform one's individual life or the lives of others. What characterizes these prayers?
  3. Read through the section of Acts from Sunday again (Acts 4:23-37). What characterizes the prayers of the apostles and the first church?
  4. Jeremy shared on Sunday, "The apostles in Acts prayed and God moved. We often prayer and not much seems to happen [as this point Jeremy referenced prayer before meals]." How does this statement align with your experiences or expectations of prayer in your own life?
  5. What would it look like to truly just talk to God this week in a way that is bold?

Next Step Challenge

As we conclude, let's focus this week on prayers that align with the true heart of God (God-praising, humble, others-oriented). Though we may not have all the answers or assurances, we can know with certainty that God is with us, He is advancing His Kingdom, and He has promised to do incredible things in and through us. May we be relentlessly devoted this week and for the rest of our lives to bold prayers that align our lives, desires, and pursuits with those of God.

Key Verse

Acts 4:31: After they prayer, the place where they were meeting was shaken. And they were filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke the word of God boldly.

All Other Scripture References

Acts 4:23-37;  Matthew 17:20;