June 16-22 • Blessed are the Meek

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Have you ever seen people post #blessed after good things happen in their lives? As we continued in week 3 of our Blessed series, we discovered that God has real blessings for those who are living a life He wants to bless. This week we explored Jesus’ statement: “Blessed are the meek.”  

Main Point:

God blesses those who choose not to think of themselves more highly than they ought.

Discussion Questions

  1. In your opinion, are you living the kind of life God wants to bless? How can you tell?

  2. When you think of the characteristic of meekness, what kind of person comes to your mind? 

  3. In Matthew 5:5, what do you think Jesus meant by inheriting the earth? 

  4. Pastor Ronnie said on Sunday, “Meekness paves the way to the blessing of peace with God, others, and yourself.” In which of those three areas do you need more peace?

  5. How are you thinking of yourself more highly than you ought? What next step can you take to start leveraging yourself for the benefit of others?

Taking A Next Step Together

Meekness will not happen by accident. It is a daily choice that requires intentionality. Jesus demonstrated leveraging everything He had and was for our benefit by sacrificing His own life in our place. How can you leverage all that you have and are to benefit someone else this week? How can this group do that together? 

Key Verse 

“Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.” – Matthew 5:5 

All other Scripture References 

Matthew 5:5, Psalm 37:11, Mark 10:42-45

To watch or listen to Sunday’s sermon, visit our Sermons page.