Scared to Death
April 28 - May 4 • Week 1: Fear of the Future

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Fear is an emotion caused by belief in a looming potential loss. It’s based in the future. The source of our fears is usually something we’re going to lose or we’re afraid we won’t have in the future. Since we can never really know what’s around the corner, is it even possible to live without fear?

Main Point: We may not be able to completely remove fear, but we can overcome it.

Discussion Questions

  1. What is your most irrational fear?

  2. On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being “no influence” and 10 being “the primary influence,” to what extent does fear and anxiety influence your decision-making and the quality of your daily life?

  3. Read Romans 8:35-39. Is it difficult for you to believe that God’s love could make it possible for you to move away from your fear? Why or why not?

  4. What are you fearful about right now? Into which category does that fear fit- extinction, autonomy, separation, or ego? What are some things that make it difficult for you to believe that Jesus conquered death, God is trustworthy, he’ll never leave you, and that you matter to Him?

  5. What can you do this week to identify your fear? What can you do to begin to believe and live as though God’s love ahs the power to overcome your fear? How can this group pray for and support you?        

Next Step Challenge

Fear wants control, but there is no fear in God’s love. His perfect love drives out fear. God’s love, expressed through Jesus’ death and resurrection, gives fear something to fear. God’s love causes fear to tremble. Do you want to overcome your fear? If so, identify it and believe God’s love can overcome it.

Key Verse 

“There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear…” – 1 John 4:18a

All other Scripture References 

1 John 4:18a, Romans 8:31, 35, 37-39

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