Kill the Spider
April 07-13 • Guest Speaker Carlos Whittaker

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When you decide to follow Jesus, old habits and behaviors don’t always automatically disappear. You may pray for guidance, deliverance, and make promises to do better, but you find yourself back in those old ways of living. You’re not alone. This week we invited author and speaker, Carlos Whittaker, to share his own personal stories about how to find freedom in Christ by finally killing the spider.    

Main Point: A spider is an agreement you have made with a lie that needs to die in order for you to experience freedom in Christ. 

Discussion Questions

  1. What “spiders” are currently present in your life? (Spiders are agreements you have made with lies.)

  2. A cobweb is a medicator that brings false comfort to our spiders. Why do you think people tend to build “cobwebs” in their lives? Are you one to build cobwebs or tear them down? Share an example from your own life.

  3. Read Romans 8:6. What does it look like to have a mindset of death? What about a mindset of life and peace?  

  4. Carlos shared on Sunday, “We hear from God when we pay attention and ask questions.” When is the last time that you heard from God? How did it change you?     

  5. Walking in the freedom of Christ takes supporting people who will come alongside of you and care for you and pray for you. But you have to kill the spider first. Share with the people in your group about the spiders you need to kill. Then pray together and for one another. 

Next Step Challenge

It’s time to kill the spiders and tear down the webs in your life. Take some time to pray for one another and commit to walking alongside each other this week through prayer, encouragement, phone calls, text messages, or whatever means you choose. Set a reminder on your phone to check up on your T-Life group members this week. Perhaps there is someone outside of your group whom God put on your heart. Call that person this week and offer to pray with them or invite them to the upcoming Easter gathering. Whatever you do to kill the spiders in your life, don’t try to accomplish it on your own.   

 Key Verse 

“For the mindset of the flesh is death, but the mindset of the Spirit is life and peace.” – Romans 8:6

All other Scripture References 

John 10:10, 1 Peter 5:10

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