January 06 - 12 • Week 1: Ordinary to Extraordinary


As we begin our Extraordinary series we will take a look at four bedrock principles that can serve as guides in moving beyond an ordinary life to the life that Jesus has promised; and extraordinary life! Life is found in Jesus alone...by Him, for Him, and through Him. The glaring problem though is, many of us are stuck in the ordinary circumstances of life. But when we engage fully with Jesus, He will move us beyond the ordinary into the extraordinary. But we have to be free to live beyond the circumstances of life all around us.

Main Point: 

To live extraordinary lives, we must navigate extraordinarily different through life.

Discussion Questions

  1. Think for a moment about someone you know who has lived or is living an extraordinary life. Why? How is this person different?

  2. How would you describe the differences in this person from the ordinary person? 

  3. Open your Bibles to Old Testament book of Judges and read Chapter 6 and 7 aloud as a group. This is the story of Gideon. What did it take for Gideon to get out of his ordinary life and into the extraordinary?

  4. Now read John 10:1-11. Jesus uses the picture of the shepherd and his sheep implying some important factors in what it takes to live an extraordinary life. What stands out? Share what you observe.

  5. On Sunday Ronnie stated, “Life happens, and we stay stuck in our ordinary ruts.” How does this compare with your life? Share what this means in your life.

  6. Thinking about your past, present and future, do you want your life to be defined as ordinary or extraordinary? As we move into 2019, think about and share a clear next step that you can make to move in that direction?

Next Step Challenge

Jesus came to give us life to the fullest. We also know that the majority of people live life day-by-day in the ordinary missing out on the life that God has for us all. A life with Jesus is a life of mission, purpose, passion, vision, and calling. These are some of the defining characteristics of an extraordinary life. Jesus has put us here for a purpose on purpose. Aligning our lives with His purposes ultimately brings about the promise of a Life that is full. Let’s pursue the life Jesus has for us above the ordinary life of the day-to-day rut that we can easily be stuck in. 

Key Verse 

“For I [Jesus] have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” - John 10:10 

All other Scripture References 

John 10:10, Judges 6:11-16