This Month in Sprouts

Use the information below to talk with your children about what they're learning in Sprouts.


Key Question for the Month: Who will obey right away?
Big idea: I will obey right away.
Verse of the month: “Learn to so what is right” – Isaiah 1:17
Pray all month long: “Dear God, Help us remember that you love us and want what is best for us. Help us obey right away! We love you, God! Amen.”

Sept. 8: Adam & Eve
Because God wants what is best for us we should obey right away. Did Adam and Eve obey right away? No, so they had to go live somewhere else and no longer live in the Garden.
What is one way you can obey right away this week?

Sept. 15: Jonah
Did Jonah obey right away? No he didn’t. Ask your child what happened because he didn’t obey right away. (A giant fish swallowed Jonah because he didn’t obey.)
How can you obey this week?

Sept. 22: Joshua & Caleb
God loved Mose and promised him a brand new place to live called Canaan. Moses sent spies into the new land to check it out. What did the spies find when they got there? Lots of fruits, honey and milk. The spies Joshua and Caleb were fo excited to move to the new land, But did everyone obey God and move right away? Nope, they were afraid of the Giants that were there. Even thoe God promised to protect them.
How can you obey the first time this week?

Sept. 29: Gideon–Judges
There was a big mean army in Gideons town, who did God send to help him? An Angel who told him he was a might warrior and that God would take care of him. His Army was small why? Because God wanted everyone to know that Gideon would. Win the battle because he had God on his side not because he had lots of men on his side. What did Gideon take into battle with him? An horn and a torch. What did they yell when they went into the camp? "For the Lord and for Gideon”. Gideon obeyed right away and beat the army.
How can you obey God this week?